Directions To Banana Leaf Eco Hostel

Banana Leaf Eco Hostel

The easiest way to get to our hostel from the international airport is to take the ‘Bus Rapid Transit’ (BRT as it is known locally) to the ‘Alvorada’ in Barra de Tijuca’ (which is the last stop). At the Alvorada you take another BRT. Take a BRT that says Parador (not express), there are various options of BRT you can take, however the best options to get to Guaratiba are either ‘Mato Alto’, Paciencia, Santa Cruz or Pingo d’Agua. It is important that you take a BRT that says ‘Parador’ (which means stopping all stations), the other type of BRT is ‘Expresso’ (Express) which will bypass the station you need to get off at. The first station you stop at after going through the tunnel is called ‘Ilha de Guaratiba’ and this is the station you need to get off at. From here you need to exit the BRT station and cross the street to your left (if facing the direction you were heading) where you will find a bus stop, at this point you take a bus South (in the direction of the coast) take bus number 867 (it will say B.Guaratiba on its sign). Once on the 867 take it to the stop in front of the super market called ‘super rede’ it is also right next to the bridge that you see in our logo. You are now in the village of Guaratiba, to get to our hostel you need to ascend a steep winding road, which you can walk up, however this is not advised if carrying heavy luggage or if you are in poor health. The quickest way to get here is to pay R$4 for a moto-taxi, who can be distinguished by their fluro yellow hi-vis vests, usually sitting in the shade on their motorbikes, near the supermarket next to a public phone.

From Zona Sul you follow the same instructions but will need to take a bus on Avinida Atlantic heading in the direction of Barra de Tijuca, and get off at the Alvorada. There are various busses that stop here but all will have Alvorada written on their sign. If all this seems like too much hassle a transfer from the airport or other accommodation can be arranged and prices are quite reasonable.