Directions To Mambembe Hostel

Mambembe Hostel

From the international airport “Galeão” (GIG):

Option 1:
Taxi direct (BRL 50,00 – BRL 60,00): When you are in the arrival area go outside to the area where all the taxis stop. Look for the line of yellow taxis. Get in the first taxi in line and make sure the taxi driver turns on the taximeter. Do NOT order your taxi at the taxi counters inside the building as they have a fixed price of BRL 100,00.

Option 2:
Bus + Taxi ( BRL 25,00): When you are in the arrival area go outside where all the taxis are, look to the right and at the far end you should see a blue bus with ‘premium auto ônibus’ written on it. Take the bus (BRL 13,50) and get off at Cinelandia metro station. From there you can get a normal taxi on the street to the Hostel. The taxi from ‘Cinelandia’ to the Hostel shouldn’t cost more tha BRL 10,00. If you are traveling light you may also walk from ‘Cinelandia’ to Mambembe Hostel as it is only 1km.

Option 3:
Bus + Metro (BRL 6,50): This option is for the budget minded traveler who doesn’t mind to spend a little more time for transportation to the hostel in order to save some extra money. When you are in the arrival area look for the ticket booth that sells tickets for the BRT bus. Buy your ticket, then go outside and slightly to your left you will see a blue modern looking bus. Get on the bus and get off at the stop called ‘Vicente de Carvalho’. Take the pedestrian bridge and follow the ‘metro’ signs. Get on the metro direction ‘Botafogo’ and get off at ‘Cinelandia’ metro station. From ‘Cinelandia’ it´s a 1km walk to Mambembe Hostel.

From Airport Santos Dumont:
Taxi: 10 min – R$ 20
(taxi is the best option)

From Rodoviária Novo Rio:
Taxi: 15 min R$25

Bus: Take the 497 bus and get off at the last stop before the arches of Lapa. Walk back for half a block on Riachuelo street and turn left at the first cross road (Silvio Romero street). Go up until the end of the street where you´ll see a large stairway on your left hand side. Go up the stairway, the white house with red windows in front of you is the Mambembe Hostel. Address: Joaquim Murtinho street 251 – Santa Teresa